Services: Organizational Development and Strategic HR

The 4 in our name refers to the building blocks of success: people, place, process, and product/results. We work hand in hand with you to ensure that these elements are aligned with your goals.

Imagine a group of about 20 people on the ice all skating in different sub groups, spinning and skating in their own spheres, in synchronized choreography. Imagine that they come together momentarily, clasp hands, and skate in sync in a larger pattern, then separate to their own spheres again. The speed is staggering. And they repeat the dance over and over.

This is synchronized skating.

These skaters know the directions they are taking, they know the goals – each individual form, the larger pattern, and the final “win”. Each skater plays a part of the bigger whole. They support each other. It’s a bit like an organization. Or not.

The services we provide, in the fields of organizational development and strategic HR are designed to achieve this kind of synchronicity in the workplace. We use a combination of methodologies, tools, and techniques to help you achieve your business objectives.

Creative Problem Solving forms the core of our process methodology. Two measures, VIEW and Situational Outlook Questionnaire, focus on your organization's people and climate to identify targets for improvement.

Our primary lines of service are: Designing Business™ and Achieving Results™.

Through Designing Business™, we help you define your strategic architecture; align the talent in your organization with your strategic directions; develop a workplace climate that supports creativity, initiative, and innovation; and help you understand the problem solving styles of your teams.We help you implement strategic change and build the internal capacity to face the challenges of the future.

Through Achieving Results™, we help you understand your challenges, generate and select ideas to meet them, and through action, convert those ideas into innovations in processes, products or services.

We also offer a number of training and development workshops and presentations that can be tailored to fit your needs.

If you are planning to merge, spin off a division, downsize, expand, or "simply" improve the status quo, we can help you strategically align your workforce with the strategic goals and values of your organization, ensuring that all business activities are in sync.

We believe that your organization has untapped creative potential and that your people provide the only true sustainable competitive advantage. Let us help you unleash the creativity and innovation in your organization. It can make a difference!



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